No Joke By D*FACE

12 hours into the dark in Newcastle

No Joke By D*FACE

On the June 12, 12 renowned artists from around the globe transformed Newcastle’s underground Victoria Tunnel into a contemporary art exhibition, here’s our preview.

For just twelve hours artists such as the LA-based graphic designer Shepard Fairey and Portuguese contemporary graffitist Pedro Matos, took their art underground in a first for the city.

Inspired by the tunnel’s withstanding past, spanning two centuries and including time as a colliery waggonway and WWII air raid shelter. The results were astonishing and powerful, with the tunnel’s new creative purpose adding another chapter to its story as well as providing a fantastic backdrop for arts and culture to thrive in the North-East.

The collection is now available to see at Gallery Unit 44 in Hoults Yard, Newcastle. For more information visit