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Arts Council faces up to cuts

Arts Council

The Arts Council didn’t sidestep the cuts in the Spending Review, with its budget being cut by 29.6 per cent.

This means the money the Arts Council has to spend, £450m, will go down to £350m in real terms in 2014. The cut in the first year (11/12) is around 14 per cent.

The Arts Council has been asked to try to ensure that funding for arts organisations is not cut by more than 15 per cent over the next four years – the tipping point that was identified to the Chancellor some months ago.

The Arts Council had already indicated it will seek to minimise the effect of any cuts to the portfolio of arts organisations it regularly funds and will consider the overall position when it meets on Monday, October 25. It will be analysing the details of the settlement and the consequences for the arts in this country as a whole.

The announcement about how the cuts will be implemented will come soon.

The full numbers are as follows:

2011/12  – £387.7
2012/13  – £359.2
2013/14  – £351.6
2014/15  – £349.4