Bayaan: A medium to tell your stories to the world

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Prankur Chaturvedi, the poet who took internet by storm with his Poem “Saala, Anti National Element” is back with a new venture, “Bayaan-Your Voice, Our Stories.” The first event is happening on 8th October, 2017 at The Piano Man Jazz Club, New Delhi.

“Through Bayaan, our aim is to provide artists a platform to tell the untold stories,” said Prankur.

Bayaan is co-founded by Smriti Subramanian, a well-known corporate lawyer, who believes that there is no derth of stories in India.

“Bayaan is special. Our first show is on 8th Oct, I am really excited. We have a long way to go and there is a clear road map in our mind.

“The objective is to break the barriers and reach out to maximum people,” said Smriti, who is also open to an idea of collaborating with such other individuals/associations who are organizing or planning to organize events based on similar theme.

Prankur has planned to take this new venture to different parts of the country. “We are planning to do the next show in Mumbai followed by Chandigarh. But right now, the complete focus is on our first show.”

When we asked Prankur to describe Bayaan in a few lines, the Poet responded in his own style:

“Tu dhund raha tha jise, 
Haan yahi hai vo raasta, 
Kya kahaani hai teri, 
Bayaan kar haal-e-dil ki daastan” 

If you want to register for the show, send an e-mail to