Big Blueprint in Plymouth call for submissions

Plymouth's Big Blueprint

The Big Blueprint, a big new opportunity for artists to showcase new works within Plymouth,  is after innovative and exciting images for a creative site in central Plymouth.

Plymouth is host to the only Big Screen south of Bristol, and to expand on the cultural offer of the site, a series of new works are wanted for the south facing view. The Big Blueprint is funded by the Arts Unit, The City Centre Company and supported by the BBC and The Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery.

In addition to the display of the works at the site, each selected artist will be represented at the Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery in 2012. In addition three images will be selected from the museum and archives Collection, which celebrates the principles of the project, and highlights the collections which are not on public display.

The aims and ambitions of the project should be reflected in the works and the ongoing development of the project.

And the aims are:

  • Welcoming the world – drawing on the unique international history and heritage of Plymouth, working closely with the existing cultural offer of the museum, archives and Record Office.
  • Animate and humanise public space –  with excellence and innovative creativity which enhances the physical and aesthetic qualities of the site and its environment.
  • To ignite collaborations with the Live Site and the Big Screen, increasing the cultural offer and participation of the location as a focal point for exciting and innovative ideas, events and engagement.

By achieving these core aims, this three-year programme shall:

  • inspire excellence and innovation in the arts
  • create an open arena for engagement, participation and friendship
  • promote respect for diverse cultures, opinions and for oneself

Now you know, you can get on down to the brief, which is to produce/submit an image which can be transferred to a banner for installation on the south side of the Big Screen which responds to the aims of the project; and to describe in no more than 250 words how your chosen work represents and responds to the aims of the project.

The specific of the screen is 8091mm width x 4251mm high, and payment for selected work is £750

The deadline for submissions is 5pm Monday, June 7.

To submit your work, send a JPEG and your 250 words on a CD to: The Arts Unit, Windsor House, Tavistock Road, Plymouth, PL6 5UF (include SAE for the return of images).

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  1. Just to say for people who submitted previously – that this a repeat call for submissions which previously had a deadline of April 16th – the panel decided that there were not enough works to make a shortlist – hence this …

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