spacex closure

Celebrating bees and 40 years of Spacex success

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The Exeter Spacex is celebrating closure and reflecting on 40 year of Spacex success in the city, and it all takes place on April 2.

The evening will also toast the success of Bees and the Art of Pollination and over 40 years of the Spacex at 45 Preston St.

For the Spacex the closing of this exhibition will be a chance to celebrate an ongoing investment that has supported local talent and made Exeter a destination for internationally renowned contemporary visual artists.

This event also marks the Spacex’s move from its home at 45 Preston St and a transition from a gallery based organisation to a contemporary visual art commissioning agency.

The exhibition Bees and the Art of Pollination has been curated by Amy Shelton for Honeyscribe and is presented in partnership with Spacex as part of its Associate Programme.

Artists: Anthony Burrill, Clare Densley, Susan Derges, Tessa Farmer, Alec Finlay, Sarah Gillespie, Zsuzsi Morrison, Peter Randall-Page, Amy Shelton, Jem Southam, Nicky Thompson and Marcus Vergette.