Wide Awake Devon

Devon Discussions from Wide Awake Devon for artists to promote their practice

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Wide Awake Devon

The new organisation Wide Awake Devon, which aims to promote arts practice in Devon, is taking its Devon Discussions on a road trip across the county and is inviting artists to find out what Wide Awake Devon aims to achieve and to share ideas, knowledge and issues relating to live performance practice in Devon.

Wide Awake Devon’s Monique Luckman told ArtsCulture: “Wide Awake Devon aims to develop and support artists, arts organisations and venues through different events and programmes in order to promote face-to-face relationships, networking, and best practice. The organisation works specifically with live performance.

“Devon Discussion events are part of a larger plan for Wide Awake Devon which as a collective provides a journey for which artists can meet with other practitioners, collaborate, present work in progress or new writing, establish relationships with mentors and develop new ideas with the support of other artists and organisations.”

This event will provide artists with the opportunity to meet others and propose a topic for conversation that they feel is relevant to improving the future of the arts in Devon.

It will also be a chance to develop new relationships with others in the artistic community and get to know more about what is going on in the local area.

The April events will be continued on Tuesday, May 10 where artistic communities from across Devon will be brought together at the Exeter Phoenix for a discussion about how to create a better arts ecology in Devon. This will be followed by a performance from Foster & Déchery with Epic.

Dates for Devon Discussions
Exeter Northcott, Tuesday, April 5, 6pm; Totnes, Wednesday, April 6; Barbican Theater, Plymouth, Thursday, April 7.

For more information pop along to the Wide Awake Devon site