Ellie Harrison's Vending Machine

Ellie Harrison’s Vending Machine at The Dukes, Lancaster

Ellie Harrison's Vending Machine

Ellie Harrison’s Vending Machine installation, which was launched at the Viewpoint Gallery, Plymouth College of Art, will be making its third appearance in the UK at The Dukes, Lancaster.

The wonderfully dry and oddly compelling Vending Machine is being shown as part of The Dukes’ Abandon Normal Devices festival of new cinema and digital culture.

Pop along any day during normal opening hours and get yourself a free packet of crisps, if you’re lucky!

The Dukes gig opens on Monday, March 15, and the day after Ellie will give a talk at the CCA in Glasgow, called Hedonism vs. Asceticism: A control freak’s guide to the MFA, which aims to offer an insight into her experience on the Master of Fine Art programme at Glasgow School of Art. It will explaining what she has been thinking about and working on (or not) over the last couple of years.

If you can’t make it, keeping checking out Ellie’s Vimeo pages, as she plans to upload the documentation later in the month.

Also, Ellie’s launched her own Environmental Policy. She says: “Despite appearances, this ain’t no corporate green-wash, but instead is a list of real things which I attempt to incorporate into my daily routine to reduce my carbon footprint. I challenge you to outdo me in the competitive altruism stakes!”

• Abandon Normal Devices is at The Dukes, Lancaster from Monday, March 15 to Saturday, April 10