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Exeter Northcott Theatre and the University of Exeter announce exciting new partnership

The University of Exeter will make significant investment into the Exeter Northcott Theatre as part of a new partnership.

The arrangement will see the theatre and the university working more closely together in a number of different areas with both academics and students involved in future projects.

The investment from the university has helped to realise the first tangible outcome of the partnership. This will see significant improvements made to the theatre building this summer, including a cinema quality screen and sound system in the auditorium, high speed broad band, installing hot desking and new bench seating in the foyer; wi-fi access in the front of house area and auditorium and improvements to ventilation and air circulation.

The theatre auditorium will be used by the university for two days a week from 8.30am until 4pm and students will have access to hot desks and the new seating facilities during the theatres opening hours.

Paul Jepson, the Exeter Northcott Theatre’s new artistic and executive director said: “This is great news. As well as making our foyer more comfortable for all our audiences, it will be a student friendly, buzzy environment. We will be able to show film and live relay in and out. We look forward to welcoming the students and academics.”

Phil Attwell, director of Campus Services at Exeter University said: “The theatre has a central campus location, so was an obvious choice when we looking at more options for our large lectures. We are delighted that the theatre has been able to accommodate us around their artistic programme.”


(from a press release)

(image: Exeter Northcott Theatre: licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported licence.)