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In a world of Twitter and Facebook, it may seem counter intuitive to hark back to email, but that’s just what we’ve done on Arts+Culture. We’ve set up an email alerts system for those who are more familiar with their inbox than their RSS.

The move comes as we’ve found that some people are still more comfortable with email than they are with RSS, Twitter and Facebook. And as our aim is to increase engagement and accessibility into all aspects of news, current affairs, the arts and film, it seemed the natural thing to do.

You can read the Arts+Culture on your mobile phone, as well as social networks. And we have our print-on-demand magazine, and we are constantly looking to engage people in the most appropriate way – both on and off line.

(We’ve also added a ‘print this’ function, which minimises the potential waste should the need to print one of our posts arise – not everyone is on the internet after all.)

• Any more suggestions on how to engage people on and off line? Comments below, or email