Get your hands on a little bit of Switzerland, and win!

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Like a mad-cap defrosting of the car in an early morning, the Reach Out and Touch Switzerland campaign has people chipping, warming and melting their way to Swiss-type prizes, which could include a winter break to the country itself.

The campaign has five blocks of ice, each with cards containing prize-winning codes. All you had to do was free the card to acquire the code to win the prize – which, among other things includes a fantastic winter holiday to Switzerland.

The Swiss are notoriously cool customers, there’s something quite chilling about seeing people getting hot under the collar as they attack the ice. But the prizes are worth it!

Even if your code isn’t a winner, you’ll still be entered into a draw to win an amazing Swiss winter holiday.

And if you need any warming up to the idea, instructors from the Swiss Ski and Snowboard Schools will whet your appetite with their passion, knowledge and advice on everything to do with winter in Switzerland.

Take a look and work out how you would get to the winning codes, and most importantly, how you would get to Switzerland!