Jing X Hu

Jing X Hu explores I, Robot as part of Make Your Mark

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We’re sure there’s plenty to shout about Nvidia’s DirectStylus, not least the Make Your Mark (#YourMark) project they’ve implemented to big it up.

Here’s a short film about artist Jing X Hu, explaining her work, inspiration and her part of the Make Your Mark project, which takes a look at Isaac Asimov’s I, Robot of 1950.

Jing’s is the first of a series of films following the artists through the creative process as they explore their response to I, Robot, in which Asimov began the debates about machine ethics and machine learning across contemporary science and art.

In all 10 artists will take part.

Here’s some blurb about Jing:

Jing X Hu – http://pinkjellyo.daportfolio.com/

Jing X Hu is a graphic novel artist and painter who “strives to make in her art a surreal wasteland, ravishing with pseudo‐organic ornamentation and rotten opulence”. Jing has written and illustrated a comic strip for the Singapore Newspaper {早报逗号} since 2010. She is a published Manga artist and her graphic novel ‘Lament’ was published in 2009. Her works have been shown in galleries and publications in Singapore, Chicago and London.


Here’s some more info about the other artists taking part:

Rugman is a London-based artist, designer and founder of Rum Knuckles StreetWear. At an early age life was all about skate, punk music and drawing. He spent his 20’s working as a graphic designer for the fashion industry, his trademark style of culture-inspired graphics and parodies of familiar cultural icons accompanying him during an extensive tenure in the US and Europe. He spent a notable period in New York working for a London-based textile house; collaborating with designer labels like Donna Karan and Calvin Klein. Rugman now paints from his studio in London and has been known on occasion to stencil or paste the streets of East London where his art came to fruition. He has exhibited in Barcelona, Berlin, California, Dublin and London.

Kako is an award-winning Brazilian illustrator and graphic designer based in Sao Paulo, working for advertising, publishing and editorial clients around the world. Awards include the Gold Lion at Cannes Advertising Festival 2008, the Gold Medal at El Ojo de Iberoamerica Advertising Festival and Best Illustrator of 2007 at HQMix Awards. His work has been published in several illustrations/design books and annuals such as Communication Arts, Society of Illustrators, the SPD and the Lurzer’s Archive 200 Best Illustrators Worldwide book. From time to time Kako likes to flirt with the comic book world doing covers for unusual books or telling very short stories.

Kathrin Jacobsen
Kathrin Jacobsen was born in Cologne, Germany. She is a highly accomplished graphic designer and illustrator with clients including the Royal Academy of Arts, Sony, MTV, the University of Arts and Fabriano. Kathrin’s graphic design projects have included books for Anthony McCall and David Hockney and the exhibition catalogue for one of the Royal Academy’s most successful shows, Van Gogh. Kathrin has also created exhibition graphics for Sony, Samsung, MTV, Nokia and NVIDIA. Her illustrations grace the pages of a range of books, University of the Arts brochures, stationery and origami sets! She has recently been commissioned to write and illustrate her first picture book.

Luke Waller
Luke Waller is an illustrator, working mainly across Europe for clients in the editorial, advertising, fashion and publishing sectors. From his base in Winchester, England, Luke works regularly for clients such as The Financial Times and Panorama Magazine (Italia). As a side project he is currently illustrating his own book based on true stories from his father and uncle’s time in the British Police. Clients include Nike, Footlocker, Samsung, Like The Wind Magazine and La Revue (France). Exhibitions: Not For Rental – 71a Gallery (2013), Affordable Art fair (2013), Yangtze River Spring Arts Festival – Wu Han China (2009)

Ahn Zhe
Ahn (born Tu Tse-wei) has had a passion for drawing throughout his life. He discovered his love of comics in junior high; while his classmates were copying the drawings of popular artists, Ahn was already using comics to record his life, drawing the girls he liked, the teacher nagging away in class, or whatever dramas came to mind.

Ahn’s work is strongly experimental. His passion for historical elements can be seen in all of his work, be it a frame of an old film, lyrics from an old song or the people and places that have been left behind in the advances of technology. His work includes graphic design, illustration and storyboard design, but what he enjoys the most is art, drawing and writing. In 2013 Ahn won first prize at the Fumetto Comix-Festival, Lucern and was nominated at the Angouleme International Comics Festival.

Wes Louie
Born and raised in Los Angeles, Wes Louie is a concept artist and illustrator currently working in the entertainment industry for companies like Zoic Studios, Digital Domain and The Walt Disney Company.

Wes has created concept art for film projects such as The Dark Tower, Thor, Buck Rogers, Aliens in the Attic, King Lear, Captivity and many more. His video game storyboarding and concept work includes Halo 4, The Bureau: XCOM Declassified, Skylanders, Infiniti Blade II, Resistance: Fall of Man, Ratchet, SimCity Creator and many more.

Vaan Tsao
Vaan was born in China. She has a diverse practice, with a proficiency in both ceramics and drawing; disciplines which have been strongly influenced by her obsession with cubism, futurism and constructivism.

Currently studying for a BA in Illustration at Camberwell College of Art, Vaan’s experience as a graphic designer and illustrator includes product design typography and graphics for a game developer in China and design and illustration for solo exhibitions at the China Academy of Art in Hangzhou. She has recently enjoyed an internship as an editorial illustrator with The European Business Review.

Close to graduating, Vaan’s current focus is on overlapping patterns, the natural world, fragments and puzzles. She was published in Sassy Zine in 2013.

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