Light and sound artists wanted for World Class engagement project across the South West – know anyone?

Torbay, Dorset and Swindon have been working together to increase participation in the arts since autumn 2008, along with the Arts Council South West and Audiences South West, and they’ve come up with the thrilling idea of putting something on. They are after an artist to produce a world class piece of work in light and or sound.

The Torbay event will take place on the last night of that curate’s egg know as the Cultural Olympiad, and will be called GeoQuest.

It will come at the end of a weekend of shared performances ‘by the community who engaged with Geoquest’, which will be produced by Dartingont and arts and will be rooted firmly in the Geopark status of Torbay – a key aim of the project is to build awareness of the position of Torbay in the Geopark network.

So, that’s something to do the Geopark, then.

But the work needs to work in Dorest and Swindon, too.

To find out more, download the brief.

The deadline for submissions is January 8, 2010, with a fee of £25,000 to £30,000 pro rata. For more info, contact