Mingle with creatives at pop_up Totnes 3, at the Barrel House


Pop_up, the creative mingling against a backdrop of fantastic visuals and a live DJ accompaniment, pops up again at the Barrel House on Thursday, March 2 at 6.3opm for pop_up Totnes 3.

The first two pop_up events, got loads of likeminded people together and showcased examples of such high-quality creative talent (over 200 submissions to date).

A Flickr pool has been set up for people to share visuals of their work/ideas online and be showcased on the big screen at each event. Pop along to view current submissions or add your own.

For updates on pop_up plans and events check out the pop_up Facebook page or follow Twitter hashtag #pop_up.

Beyond the regular first Thursday of the month slot in Totnes, the next stop for the pop_up people is planning first satellite pop_up event in Somerset, and a number of themed pop_up events.