South West Creative Jobs

New website to connect talent in the creative sector with job opportunities

South West Creative Jobs

A new database has been launched to help freelancers in the South West find work in the creative industry sector by connecting talent with businesses.

Called South West Creative Jobs, the site is funded by the South West Regional Development Agency (South West RDA) through its South West Talent Retention programme and is managed by Bristol Media.

Registering is free until Thursday, March 31. After that date, employers and freelancers are asked to join Bristol Media as members to access the database for free, or pay a fee per job posting.

With a dynamic function that allows businesses to tag their favourite freelancers and to see first-hand when they are available for work, the site’s ultimate purpose is to act as a tool for managing the unpredictability of ever-changing workloads.

Caroline Marshall from Bristol Media told ArtsCulture: “We have been running the Talent Retention Scheme for more than 18 months now and employers have told us that one of their biggest issues is finding talented freelance staff quickly and easily.

“The website is essentially a straightforward way of connecting the great talent we have in the South West with industry – a benefit for both employers and employees. In turn, we hope this is one more step towards helping the South West creative sector retain the valued talent we already have in the region and also make it a more attractive place to work and set up shop.”

The South West is nationally recognised as one of the most exciting and dynamic creative regions in the UK with a pool of highly talented
individuals right across the region. It is estimated that creative companies across the South West generate in excess of £1 billion in turnover and employ more than 17,000 people.

This includes freelancers and contract staff working across the digital, marketing, design, animation, TV production, publishing and PR sectors.

Chris Garcia, director of Enterprise and Skills from the South West RDA said: “We’re really pleased to have been able to support the development of South West Creative Jobs, to support business leaders who are growing jobs in the creative sector.

“Over the past 10 years the agency has invested in the development of organisations such as Bristol Media, so businesses have become really well networked in this part of the country – aiding the development of a modern, stronger and resilient economy in the South West.”

The South West is home to major creative industry businesses such as Future Publishing, award-winning animation company Aardman and Twofour, one of the UK’s largest and most successful independent communications companies, as well as a host of small and medium size firms – many of whom have the potential also grow to national and international success.

Globally renowned for strength in animation and natural history television production, substantial revenue is also generated from incoming film and television production which in 2009/10 brought £62 million to the region – much of it in rural and coastal areas of the South West.

(from a press release)