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Pop in to Pop_up in Totnes – a group for creatives and social media users

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Creative types of all persuasions are being called for at get together in Totnes to chill out, show off and enjoy the haze of creative chatter and ideas from other creatives and social media users.

The event, Pop_up, is organised by Phillippa Rose, and takes place at The Barrel House, Totnes, on Wednesday, December 1 at 6.30pm, and is accompanied by a Flickr showcase, which will be shown as a projection during the evening.

Phillippa, who works for arts cultural and engagement organisation Redfront, was impressed with the network of virtual and physical networks available in the South West and wanted to set one up herself.

She says on her blog: “At Redfront we often advise people on communications, developing audiences, networks and communities. I genuinely get a buzz out of bringing people and organisations together around common interests, I love it when ideas are shared, unexpected connections form and new collaborations/projects develop.

“It recently struck me that it’s been a while since I had a go at starting something myself, and thought why not set up a creatives/social media meetup with a Pop_up showcase, where I’m based in Totnes.

“Pop_up is an experiment in building a community around creative practice and social media, and doing it on no budget. A Pop_up flickr group has been set up for people to share ideas and example of their work, which will be projected  on the night. Within a week a fantastic mix of films, blogs, artworks have already been submitted.”

If the experiment works, future events will be planned so far tentative plans include themed Pop_up evenings around activities, for example pop up film night, fashion show, music night, and so on. And there are ideas to galvanise other communities around Pop_up sharing/showcase events in other towns and cities in the South West.

• Pop_up takes place at The Barrel House, Totnes, on Wednesday, December 1 at 6.30pm



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