gureilla arts marketing campaign

South West artist will make a Splash with pants guerilla marketing campaign

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gureilla arts marketing campaign

An artist from the South West is launching a guerilla marketing campaign which aims to transform public spaces in the capital by adorning them with… pants.

Jake Paget, 18, from Plymouth is launching Splash by placing over 30 pairs of briefs adorned with his art around secret locations in London.

Jake told Arts+Culture: “The project is about exploring the strengths and weaknesses of advertising and guerilla marketing. The South Bank has an audience which I hope will receive the project well – areas where popular culture and the arts are thriving.”

Jake hopes people will respond to the pants, which will be placed in public places such as benches, bicycles, phone boxes and public transport, by visiting his website and commenting on his art.

“Perhaps they will pass the pants on to a friend and photograph themselves with them to post on the Facebook Group. In this way, I hope the Splash campaign will go viral,” he said.

The website will encourage discussion of the project and spaces to comment and interact with Jake.

The campaign will be translated to call boxes too, where the Splash logos will be printed onto brown paper. This part of the project will utilise the ‘tart cards’ in call boxes to generate more interest in the project.

He said: “Since the 1920s people have been using these cards as a way of effectively marketing their wares and I thought, why not see the amount of interest they can generate in my work?”

Look out for the graffiti Splash pants appearing using corporate logos such as the Nike Swish, Burger King, Pepsi, and his original designs for logos amongst others from Saturday, April 24.

Jake is studying the National Diploma in Art and Design (Digital Graphics and Interactive Media) at Plymouth College of Art.

Pop along to Jake Paget’s Splash site.



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5 thoughts on “South West artist will make a Splash with pants guerilla marketing campaign”

  1. Nice idea Jake … shame you feel it necessary to take it to London – it’s true that there might be an audience, on the other hand they might just well be a little blase about it. Surely more provocative, challenging and entertaining to do something to get the people of Plymouth discussing and debating the merits.Nothing like the spluttering on-line discussions on The Herald site along the lines of “they call this art ?” to raise some profile for you and the ideas behind it. Give us a shout via my webite if you feel inclined – some ideas on similar lines you might be interested in a little further down the line. Good luck anyway -power to your pants!


  2. steve i plan to bring it to plymouth and bristol with in 2 weeks or so but the dates not offical yet so i’ll up date you closer to the time

  3. hi steve
    im going to bristol on tuseday to leave some pants around there if your intrested to put something on your blog about it

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