Teignmouth’s Swanson’s Garage to re-open as an arts centre

TAAG applying from Tomorrow's Teignmouth

Teignmouth Arts Advisory Group applied to Teignmouth District Council for the lease of Tomorrow’s Teignmouth Building (the old Swanson’s Garage in the town) to reopen it as an arts and community centre.

The reopening of Tomorrow’s Teignmouth as an Arts and Community Centre is now well on its way. It is possible that the building will be available from mid May as long as renovation and essential Health and Safety works are on schedule.

A spokesperson for TAAG told Arts+Culture: “The building has to be self-funding and to achieve this we are encouraging as many organisations as possible to make use of it and in return we will endeavour to keep the rates low so it is affordable.

“The rates will be £20 per unit per session and block booking of space and time slots will be negotiated according to requirements. The gallery space can be booked for all types of exhibitions but must be kept available as a public area throughout the day. The remaining spaces can be self-contained and not accessed by those not involved in the activity. The intention is to make the building lively and welcoming to everyone.”

There’s a a plan of spaces available as well as a list detailing times and suggesed uses for each area.

The arts centre at Teignmouth at the old Swanson Garage

The spokesperson said: “This is not a definitive list and we are happy to discuss how your activity might be accommodated. TAAG wants to invite as many community groups as possible to take advantage of this facility so please fill in the form if you have an interest in using the building.”

Please return the form by e-mail to rogersmith46@aol.com or send to TAAG, C/o 19, Higher Holcombe Rd., Teignmouth, TQ14 8RJ