Plymouth College of Art degree show

Top 10 Ones to Watch – Plymouth College of Art Breaking Through Degree Show

Those good arts bods over at Plymouth College of Art have put together a list of their 10 artists to watch at their Breaking Through degree show, 2017.

The Plymouth College of Art Degree Show runs until June 22, and you can get to some the of the work that is culmination of years spent studying, experimenting, growing and making for free.

This is a quick trip through the wheat fields of creativity. See the full list, with more images, more info and social media links on the Plymouth College of Art page.

1. The list of the must-sees includes Ben Lintell’s Free Fall glass creations.

2. Fashion Media and Marketing graduate Penny Chan already had a number of big names in her portfolio, with internships at Dazed and Peter Jensen to Freelance Fashion Assistant at GQ Style. Plus ‘she’s worked as styling assistant on exclusive shoots for: Topman Suit and Topman A/W17 international campaigns, a Topman blog feature & campaign with model Lennon Gallagher, for Dr Martens S/S18 international campaign, with British GQ in partnership with Next and prepping and styling for Take That’s Wonderland tour.’

3. The photography of Maciej Krzyminski’s graduate series ‘Seven Trees’ explores themes of memory and nostalgia and will exhibit at our Degree Shows and the full series unveiled at Free Range Shows in London.

4. Sarah Court has already proven herself as a dynamic designer, recently winning a Mercedes-Benz smart car competition for her design work – the car will be debuted at the degree show.

5. Resilient Reptiles by illustrator Jake Williams is ‘a fully-illustrated 26-page nonfiction children’s book focusing on the unique ways that reptiles of the world have adapted to survive’.

6. Hands up if a story of being able to save the world in a near-future, post-apocalyptic world sounds appealing. That’s the setting for Sarah Damo’s Wonder Seekers, a virtual reality project, influenced by Renaissance art and Impressionism.

7. If psychological self-portraiture is more your bag, take a gander at the work of Alex Lee. More than self-portraits, the works explore paint, identity, loss and life.

8. Alice Shilling’s costumes are a romp for the imagination, and include the Burlesque Beyoncé as well as The Polypus Human, check them out and see if they’ve got your size.

9. Hidden connections sound intriguing, and that’s exactly what fine art graduate Sam Turner has been exploring, by salavaging broken screens and a ‘repeated processes of deconstructing, examining, experimenting and reconstructing’ to create an ‘alternative display of information’ so that ‘new, hidden or forgotten potentials can emerge’.

10. Graphic designer Josh Fathers has created a journal of communication in everyday life inspired by ‘the ways people communicate in the situations when talking to other people is a choice and not a necessity’.

On that note…

Check out more about each of the artists, along with images, links, social media details and times and venues on the Plymouth College of Art site.

Also, check out the filmmakers to look out for on our D&CFilm site.