London Book Fair

International book industry excellence recognised at the London Book Fair

Seven international young entrepreneurs have been shortlisted for pioneering digital publishing award. The winner will be announced at the International Book Industry Excellence Awards on Tuesday, April 8, 2014, as part of the London Book Fair.

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in case of love at first sight

In case of love at first sight break glass: the power of flowers

What grand romantic gestures have you made on a whim?

I had a friend (yes, it was really me) who in their younger years would try to respond to those situations when their heart skipped a beat. The result was impromptu poetry scribbled on bus tickets, or a bow-tie created out of a crisp packet.

If only there were emergency flowers around, it may not have changed history but the air of romance would have been far greater.

This film follows intrepid street-style cupids as they place emergency flowers throughout the amorous city of Paris.

Apparently, the flowers have been strategically, if not scientifically, placed. You know how it is – the way the shimmering light reflecting off the water catches their eyes in a certain location. That sort of thing.

It’s a ruse created by the engine of romance that is

But Paris isn’t the only town for lovers. The emergency flowers have been placed on trains leaving Amsterdam.

And you can get your hands on your own ‘In case of love at first sight’ boxes, too, for more power to your own romantic elbow. Just pop over to the Funny How Flowers Do That Twitter and Facebook pages to find out how.

And while you’re waiting for your emergency love box consider the film, and ask yourself, do the couple get together? Or did any of the running, jumping cupids find solace in each other’s arms at the end of a busy, flower-fuelled night?

Take a look at the film, and click through to see the power of flowers at


Q&A with Djripridah of Dy-verse Productions

Dy-verse Productions is an independent record label based in San Mateo county, California. It’s aim is to gain exposure for the underground hip-hop, rap, R&B, poetry and music of the area. It does a podcast, YouTube TV shows and DY-TV and much more. We have a Q&A with executive producer Djripridah

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museum of non participation

Human condition explored in Artes Mundi 6 shortlist

museum of non participation
Karen Mirza and Brad Butler, The Museum of Non Participation, 2011 installation view in The Museum Show at Arnolfini Bristol, 2011-12

Artes Mundi, the ‘internationally focused arts organisation that identifies, recognises and supports contemporary visual artists who engage with the human condition, social reality and lived experience’, which awards ‘the largest art prize in the UK and one of the most significant in the world’, is gearing up to its 17-week exhibition of nine nominees for said £40,000 prize.

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nokia lumia 2520

Work and play with the Nokia Lumia 2520

Want something for work and for play, and you don’t quite have bone structure for a mullet? Try the Nokia Lumia 2520 instead.

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