Paul Wright

New work from Paul Wright in Portrait of an Icon at Edgar Modern

Paul Wright‘s new show Portrait of an Icon, will include new work in response to the Edgar Modern exhibition space.

Wright was born in 1973 in Leicester, and originally trained as an Illustrator at Falmouth School of Art, before turning to fine art.

Portrait of an Icon will see Wright’s three core distinctive subjects working together to create a dialogue within the gallery space – he describes these strands as his ‘heads’, or portraits, alongside ‘objects’ and his newest obsession ‘interiors’.

In each strand Wright explores using challenging colour in unexpected ways.

For Wright, for painting to be relevant today the artist must seek to push their representation beyond creating merely a likeness of their subject. The work must go deeper revealing experience, emotions and capturing a moment in time.

He says ‘for me a work is successful if, however flawed it is, the artist has exposed something of themselves.’

Paul Wright’s Portrait of an Icon will be in Bath at Edgar Modern from April 5-25, 2014. But you’ll be able to get a preview at the Affordable Art Fair in Battersea from March 13-16, 2014.