Dartmouth Apprentice

Charmed Opera Night at Dartmouth Apprentice

The Dartmouth Apprentice – South Devon’s only training restaurant for the long-term unemployed – hosted ‘the most magical evening’ on Saturday, October 30 with the Charmed Opera Night.

The evening featured top quality singers brought together by Dumle Kogbara of Humanitas-Culture, a performance organisation which specialises in special events such as the Charmed Night.

More than 100 lovers of opera were serenaded with some of the art form’s most-famous tunes and in between sets fed with a two course menu of Tournedos Rosseni and a delectable choice of sweets.

The night left restaurant manager Nina Stanesby electrified. She told ArtsCulture: “I was amazed by the power and skill of the singers. We have never heard anything so beautiful in the restaurant and it made the evening a joy. Thanks to them, William the pianist and of course Dumle for organising it. We are delighted at how the evening went.

“We had a huge amount of people who came to Dartmouth to stay for the weekend when coming to see the show, so we know it was good for the town’s economy too.

“We were so pleased at how popular this night was and people have already asked when we will be doing it again. All I can say is watch this space, but we will definitely be having another one early next year.”