Strictly Collaborative

Exciting new theatre opportunity for young people with Strictly Collaborative

Strictly Collaborative

Our friends over at Plymouth’s Strictly Collaborative, the innovative, new professional theatre company for 13-25 year olds is looking for people to get involved with its next project.

The company is specifically aimed at disabled and non-disabled young people, and it is disabled led. The project aims to develop the talent of a group of young people who learn from and contribute to the developing work of the company.

Strictly Collaborative’s latest venture is due to begin again on Monday, June 7 at The Roland Levinsky Building for 30 weeks culminating in a performance in Plymouth in March 2011, with a possibility of it touring other venues. The first 10 workshops is for participants to get to know the company and see if this is the company for you, after this the group would appreciate your commitment to the company.

During the 20-week period the company members will participate in various workshops lead by professional artists (also of mixed abilities) in a variety of disciplines such as physical theatre, movement, vocal and musical techniques, prop and set design. There is also an opportunity to learn skills such as marketing, publicity and events coordination.

Strictly Collaborative is an inclusive theatre company this means that disabled and non-disabled can take part in this project.

The group is currently looking for a small number of young people aged 13-25 both disabled and non-disabled, to join the core company. The company meets at on Mondays between 5.30pm to 6.30pm  (venue to be confirmed). To discover more about the company and how you can join, contact company director Ems Coombes ( or manager Claire Summers (