History retold: Foster&Déchery’s Epic at Dartington

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Epic Crew

Foster&Déchery’s Epic pops into Dartington as its national tour starts coming to an end.

Epic is a journey through 20th century history, combining personal stories, fanciful re-enactments of key historical events, video interviews with eccentric relatives, and a cameo from Bertolt Brecht.

Exploring the process of remembering from a light-hearted perspective, Epic unearths th­­­e secrets of a run-in with Arthur Scargill in the Northern mines, a French family caught between colonialism in Cameroon and Paris in May 1968, and a grandfather on a torpedoed boat at the close of the Second World War. A series of stripped back yet intricate scenes, drawing on the ‘epic’ style of performing pioneered by Bertolt Brecht, are interwoven with stories from the performers’ family histories.

Using choreography to evoke certain decades and grand battle re-enactments, Epic creates moments of intimacy while also connecting us to the bigger picture.

Epic plays Dartington on June 1. Get times and ticket details for the Dartington Arts site



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