Low Profile at the Exeter Phoenix

Never Never Never Never Give Up: LOW PROFILE, making the most of doing your best

Low Profile at the Exeter Phoenix

Witty, exciting, thoughtful and engaging, there’s a steely core to LOW PROFILE – and there’s a clue in the title of their latest show Against All Odds, which continues until July 6, 2013 at the Exeter Phoenix.

The collaborative duo of Hannah Jones and Rachel Dobbs, who are LOW PROFILE, engage in live performance, video, installation and artists’ publication – and they are dedicated to survival.

It’s a survival that’s going strong, the pair celebrated 10 years of working together in March 2013 with the publication of a new book, Here’s to Another 10, and their solo show at the Exeter Phoenix comes 10 years after being ‘Best of’ graduate show, ex-Exeter School of Art/ Plymouth University graduates.

To quote their CV ‘LOW PROFILE’s work is about not giving up, the impossible, the endless and the obsessive – our experiences of everyday life magnified and put on show’.

And as if the daily grind isn’t enough to keep them occupied LOW PROFILE go in for endurance, Against All Odds opened with a 12-hour performance, from 9pm to 9am, called DRY RUN part 2: How To Save Your Skin When Disaster Strikes Without Warning… (the exhibition also includes the ‘as live’ sound recorded of the performance from the super talented Neil Rose playing during the gallery opening hours).

Their Dry Runs (of which there are five to date), are pre-planned dress rehearsals, stand-ins and practice runs for the ‘real thing’, and explore the ‘reoccurring concerns of being prepared, trying hard and doing your best, learning live and making mistakes’.

For DRY RUN part 2: How To Save Your Skin When Disaster Strikes Without Warning…, they ‘attempt to read, learn from and test each other on the advice offered in The Book of Survival (by Anthony Greenbank), a 1960s publication that promises to leave its readers mentally equipped to ‘survive’ anything’.

Dry runs have also included ‘DRY RUN part 1: You are a workaholic with no time for love; DRY RUN part 5: Procedures for Preparedness; and DRY RUN part 4: MacGyver’thon.

As Rebecca Weeks says in the Foreword to Here’s To Another 10, ‘What LOW PROFILE do is essentially human, it’s rooted in whatever it is that is activated between people when they share  a story, play a game, or tell a joke. It’s as simple and as profound as that and it can only be refined, become more effortless and improve with age.’

Trying to predict the future may or may not be a useful exercise for us all, muses Rebecca in Here’s To Another 10. And what’s the point when potential disaster and/or survival lurks around every corner. Here’s what LOW PROFILE found out from the Magic 8 Ball

LOW PROFILE (2012) 50 Questions For A Magic 8 Ball – [performance-to-camera, work-in-progress] from low profile on Vimeo.