Terrible Tales

Only for brave children. Terrible Tales at The Bike Shed theatre

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Terrible Tales

The prospect of exciting theatre for young people is always worth a tingle or two to the spine, and that is apparently what Scruffy Mutt Theatre provide.

Our cursory glance at the internet to find out more about the company, which is presenting their November chiller Terrible Tales at the Bike Shed Theatre, Exeter on Monday, November 12, reveals nothing more than that the show has been touring in the South West, and the company may be from Somerset.

That we could find nothing more is all rather eerie.

Terrible Tales promises to include blood curdling stories of ghosts, ghouls and gruesome goings on, presented by Aleister Grudge.

It is asked that only brave, 8+ children attend the show, which promises ‘to fuse theatricality and good, old fashioned storytelling to give both goose-bumps and guffaws’.

It’s a one-night only gig at The Bike Shed Theatre, Exeter on Monday, November 12 at 7.30pm. Tickets are from £7. To book pop over to The Bike Shed website.