Hidden City Drive in Deco

Plymouth hosts theatrical drive-in extravaganza with Hidden City: Drive in Deco

Hidden City Drive in Deco

An event in Plymouth is set to transform a car park into a drive-in from the earliest days of the phenomenon for a theatrical event of bellhops, usherettes and dancers performing to big-band hits of the 30s and 40s.

Audiences will be parking up for an evening of film, theatre, live music, radio broadcast and witness one of the city’s most intriguing buildings tell its own hidden life story.

The show, a development of the 2008 Hidden City exhibition, takes place at the Colin Campbell Court Car Park in Plymouth’s West End.

The proceedings are led by Mr Smith, who will guide audiences through the life story of Colin Campbell House – he’ll  share the story with the audience tuned in on FM via their car radios as they tune into the building – a former car showroom – and in the process tune into their own history.

The building’s tale is told through intertwining lives spanning several generations all with their own stories during the multi-sensory 360 degree production.

There are eight performances of Drive in Deco from Thursday, March 31 to Saturday, April 9. Gates open at 7pm with all performances starting at 7.30pm.

Ticket holders for Drive in Deco are required to bring with them a radio receiver capable of receiving FM frequency broadcasts. The equipment can either be part of an in-car audio system or a portable / personal FM radio.

Drive in Deco tickets are £25 per car and available now from the box office at Royal Theatre Plymouth on 01752 267222 or online at www.theatreroyal.com

For more information on all Hidden City events visit www.hiddencity.org.uk

(image: Hidden City: Drive in Deco by Part Exchange Co – Mr Smith pics up a signal – courtesy of Farrows Creative)