Plymouth Theatre Royal

Plymouth Theatre Royal preview by Ems Coombes

Plymouth Theatre Royal

Ems Coombes, director of Plymouth’s inclusive theatre group Strictly Collaborative, peers into the future of what’s on at the Theatre Royal, which includes Funky Llama Cabaret Night, the Rocky Horror Picture Show, Pub Rock, No Idea, Hofesh Schechter and Oklahoma. Take it away, Ems…

Funky Llama Cabaret Night
Thursday, April 29
7pm til 12pm

Funky Llama is a cabaret night run by people with learning disabilities. There will be dancing, singing, comedy and drama performances and don’t be surprised if you are asked to join in! This is a long time to sit and watch performances… but its not the usual rigmarole, there is a bar so you can refresh the old vocal chords ready to join in some karaoke!

But before you rush to pick up the phone to book tickets I will inform you that they are all gone, sold out… it a sad situation, but, if this goes well I have been assured that this will be a regular occurrence, so keep your eyes peeled for more of the same!!!!!

Rocky Horror Picture Show
Monday, April 26 – Saturday, May 1


What can I say? It’s weird, it’s sexy and it has been my favourite movie and musical since I was 15. Written by the legendary Richard O Brien, Rocky Horror tells the tale of Brad Majors and his fiancee, Janet Weiss, who go on a journey to find their old high school science lecturer, Dr Everett Scott. However, their car breaks down and when they search for shelter in old mansion they are in for a surprise they will never forget and could never have imagined in their wildest dreams!

Audience participation is a must, prepare to get wet, covered in confetti and rice and, if you are a prude or of a delicate disposition, avert your eyes or avoid it like the plague, for their will be scantily clad people, men dressed as ladies and dark, dark, people… I LOVE IT

This is for over 15’s only!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pub Rock

Tuesday, April 27 – Saturday, May 1
Meet at 7.45pm in Theatre Royal, then escorted to nearby pub.

I like site-specific theatre but this is a new one to me. The audience meet at the theatre, like a normal performance, but then are led to ‘a nearby pub’ (I am guessing that it will be The Bank). I can’t tell you much about the storyline, but it is improvised for the most part, it has live music, comedy and storytelling and, if done right, will be fabby!

I am slightly concerned about the accessibility, as it takes place in ‘a room above a local pub’ , but we shall see, shan’t we! Definitely worth a look!

No Idea
Lisa Hammond and Rachel Spence with Improbable
Wednesday, May 5- Saturday, May 8

What do people think when they look at a person? What are their judgements, labels that they give? What should their performance be about?
Armed with a recording devise, Lisa and Rachel hit the streets to ask very similar questions. Receiving some warm, comic, sometimes staggering replies. This could be described as Disability Arts, it would be interesting to find out what the performers think. I’ve got my ticket, I recommend you do the same!

Hofesh Schechter Company: Political Mother
Political Mother
Friday, May 14 -Saturday, May 15

This amazing dance company are a leading force in the dance world. Following the success of Uprising/In Your Room, Schechter presents the emotional and gritty Political Mother. In this surreal and nigh on impossible chain of images which unravel before the audience eyes, this puzzle of encounters leads to an emotional roller coaster of events which aims to bemuse and challenge our perceptions of what is normal.

We have a fantastic opportunity to see it first before its world premiere at the 2010 Brighton Festival, grab a ticket before they are snapped up!!

Tuesday, May 18 – Saturday, May 22


I could go on, but I won’t (thank goodness I hear you cry!) A classic in musical land, a love story between Laurey, Curly the Cowboy and farm hand Jud as they tussle for her affections. This has some amazing songs, starting with Oh What a Beautiful Morning, Surrey with a Fringe on Top and, of course, Oklahoma.

A thigh slapping performance which will have the audience singing in the aisles… ‘I’m just a girl that can’t say no’!!!!!!!

The Woman in Black
Monday, May 24 – Saturday, May 29

A lawyer is convinced that he and his family are cursed by the ghostly apparition of a Woman in Black. He then gets an actor to help tell his terrifying story and exorcise the spirit. But as they delve further into his recollections, something stirs, should he be doing this?

Stephen Malletratt’s adaptation of Susan Hill’s novel, tells a spooky tale is gripping and delivers an evening of nail biting scare mongering as you enter this ghostly world.

This performance has been daubed ‘The most terrifying live theatre experience in the world’ an interesting claim to make I think, you decide!

Ems Coombes

Ems Coombes is director of Strictly Collaborative, Plymouth's inclusive theatre company for disabled and non disabled 13-19 year olds