scratch in Exeter

SCRATCH provides platform for emerging artists In Devon

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scratch in Exeter

Feedback is one of the most important things for an artist to receive, now SCRATCH at Exeter’s Bike Shed Theatre is offering a work-in-progress event where the audience is invited to be a part of the action by providing feedback to every piece they see. From praise to criticism it doesn’t matter, as long as it is useful.

SCRATCH will take place every Sunday in November. Sixteen pieces from South Devon artists have been picked to be shown over the course of the month, ranging from dance, stand up, new writing, devise, comedy sketches and music.

The event manager Callum Elliott-Archer said: “The Bike Shed Theatre is a perfect place for an event like this to happen. Since its creation last year it has been incredibly supportive of emerging artists while earning a reputation for high quality local work. SCRATCH will give audiences not only an opportunity to see some of the artists coming out of Devon, but a chance to impact on their practice by giving much needed feedback”.

SCRATCH takes place on November 6, 13, 20 and 27 and 7.3opm and costs only £3 to enter (pay on the door).