Strictly Collaborative

What holds you back? Inclusive theatre group calls for input on the topic of Restraint?

Strictly Collaborative

Strictly Collaborative, the inclusive theatre company for disabled and non-disabled people aged between 13 and 25, is launching its next project, Restraints, on September 12 and is calling for input.

Restraints is all about the things that hold us back from fulfilling our dreams- no matter how small, and they would like to know what you consider a Restraint, and how do you overcome these things.

As a suggestion they start of in terms of physical, mental and motional restraints or negative phrases, like no.

You don’t have to write an essay – just write a message on the Strictly Collaborative Facebook wall, or drop them an email

(declaration of interest: a member of the ArtsCulture team is a trustee of Strictly Collaborative)