Between East & West, celebrating the role of British-Born Chinese in modern society

Zoe Chan: “If people asked me I would say I was British because I’ve lived in Britain my whole life…it was simpler that way. Obviously I looked Chinese…but I was never that comfortable saying I was Chinese because I never spoke the language.” Between East & West: The British Chinese by Mike Tsang

The ideas around British-born Chinese identity are beautifully, powerfully and personally portrayed by Devon artist Clem So, and leave you with such universal questions, that when news of photographic exhibition Between East & West: The British Chinese popped up, we thought it deserved a closer look.

The exhibition, at SW1 Gallery, London, is an artistic investigation by award-winning photographer Mike Tsang showcasing the stories of the British-Born Chinese and their families’ lives in Britain, featuring 12 photographic portraits, archival imagery and written interviews.

Through the combination of Eastern and Western values, the subjects form part of a unique third culture that shapes Chinese influence in 21st century Britain.

Tsang says: “Most British people’s exposure to Chinese culture is through the Chinatowns or the ubiquitous takeaways of UK cities. But where are the Chinese in culture, sport or politics? Between East & West celebrates the role of British-Born Chinese in modern society and challenges.”

On the Between East & West: The British Chinese site you can see the photographic portraits, read each participant’s story and hear extracts of their interview along with extra images.

Between East & West: The British Chinese is at the SW1 Gallery, Victoria London from November 6-16, 2012