Dancing underwater for photographers and filmmakers to push new course at Plymouth College of Art

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Plymouth’s photographers and marine lovers will have an opportunity to see dancers performing underwater at the launch of a new programme on Thursday, December 10.

In a joint venture with Plymouth’s National Marine Aquarium, dancers have been invited to perform in the aquarium’s ROV tank for the first time.

This event aims to give photographers and filmmakers a taste of Plymouth College of Art’s BA in Underwater and Surface Based Imaging.

Dave Kinney, programme leader for the course, told Arts+Culture: “We want to show people exactly how underwater photographic skills can be used to produce unique and creative imagery.

“The dancers have not performed under water before so they are training to hold their breath for long enough for us to capture images of them suspended in the tank!

“I’m hoping the launch will resonate with water lovers everywhere as we’re looking for enthusiastic, committed people with a passion for creative image making – be it natural history, extreme sports, marine biology or fine art practice.”

There will be a chance for people to shoot the action in the tank from all angles, talk to people working in the water-based sector, and find out more about the new programme.

The BA level three programme is a one year top-up programme starting in September 2010.

To register for the event, contact marketing@plymouthart.ac.uk.

For more information about the course, contact programme leader Dave Kinney on dkinney@plymouthart.ac.uk / 01752 203434, or visit www.plymouthart.ac.uk