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Feminine and edgy: the etch-photography of Lisa Garness Mallory

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It’s always good to catch up with artists, and since we were last in touch with etch photographer Lisa Garness Mallory, she’s been featured on Public Broadcasting Television and further developed her style.

Lisa takes digital photographs and etches away parts of the image to highlight detail. It’s a process that has proved popular, Lisa has won six international photography awards since 2011, and several in her home state of Colorado.

A love of nature plus a passion for art along with determination and curiosity are cornerstones for Lisa’s ongoing arts practice, which combines fine art techniques with fine art photography.

While developing her cutting-edge style Lisa has undergone life-threatening health issues. And it was her desire to continue with her art that help pull Lisa through. The illness caused a slight brain injury. The result was memory loss of her etching technique,
but she worked to retrain her brain and relearn her process.

In the TV profile, Rocky Mountain PBS shadows Lisa as she collects images from Denver Botanic Gardens, using her macro lens to capture details. She then explains how her etched photography process develops, enhancing the texture and depth of her images.

Her work has been described as feminine and edgy as she combines her cutting-edge approach with the colours and shapes of her natural world photography.

On her website Lisa says: “My art will continue to evolve as my imagination leads me to even more exciting and new directions and subjects.”