Guardian photography guide submitted cover photo detail

Free photography guide in Saturday’s Guardian

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Guardian photography guide submitted cover photo detail

The Guardian is creating an exclusive photography guide drawing on the insight and craft of Guardian and Observer photography experts and is calling on photographers to take part and win a place on a Guardian photography masterclass.

The 84-page Guardian guide to photography is published on Saturday, November 17 and will be free with the Saturday paper.

Along with tips on taking creative control of your camera from head of photography Roger Tooth, and recommendations of that latest kit from award-winner Dan Chung, the guide includes seven exclusive masterclasses.

These masterclasses contains advice and highlight where the photographers draw their inspiration from. They also include readers’ assignments.

Each masterclass calls on readers and photographers to take part in the assignment for a chance to win a place on a Guardian photography masterclass of your choice.

The Guardian has already engaged its photographic readership in finding a front cover for the guide – take a look at a selection of the judges’ favourites.

Technology and imagination and innovation have been key to the art and science of photography, and as Sean O’Hagan asks in the guide, where next for the medium? Maybe you can show you’re one step ahead.

Take a look at the Guardian photography guide cover competition images, read the terms and conditions and get a free guide with Saturday’s Guardian to find out more about the competition.

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