A Magical Monarch View by Lisa Garness Mallory

Life journey of an artist

A Magical Monarch View by Lisa Garness Mallory
A Magical Monarch View © Lisa Garness Mallory

I truly feel I was born to be an artist. I knew at an early age being an artist would be my destiny and life long journey. Both of my parents had artistic talent, my mother was an oil and acrylic painter, and my father designed and made sterling silver jewelry. Thankfully, I received a tremendous amount of encouragement to pursue my art career from them.

I have been an artist for several years now. Four years ago, I developed my method of etching with different sized needles directly onto my digital nature photography. This process takes many hours and sometimes weeks to complete one piece, depending on the size of the work. It’s been both exciting and challenging. It takes an abundance of determination, love of the work, and patience.

I have a tremendous love and respect for nature. So in my etched nature photography, I enhance the colors, light, shadows and textures that appear in and around the subjects I’m photographing. The viewers will see that sometimes before etching, I enjoy manipulating my photos to look like eye catching paintings or pastels.

Violet in Sparkling Water by Lisa Garness Mallory
Violet in Sparkling Water © Lisa Garness Mallory

Since 2008 my art has been in several local Colorado art shows and exhibitions. And In 2011 one of my pieces was accepted into the 32nd International Peace Exhibition at the Nagasaki Art Museum in Nagasaki Japan. Only five artists from Colorado had work in this exhibit.

Then two of my etched photos were judged into the 19th Annual International Festival. Five Elements/One World at the Los Angeles California Municipal Art Gallery. Only 10 artists from Colorado had work accepted into this exhibit.

In 2010 I became sick with a life threatening illness called Graves’ Disease. It is a hyperthyroid illness. I am still recovering and the future of my health is unknown at this time. My doctor says it’s a miracle I’m alive! Half of the reason I fought to live was to continue my journey as an artist. My work is unique and cutting edge. I decided nothing will get in the way of my quest to continue my art journey. I’m determined my art will continue to evolve.

My life long dream is to become a well known artist. It gives me great pleasure when someone appreciates my work and purchases it for their home or business.

My work is in private collections in the US and Norway.

Website: www.lisamalloryart.com

Lisa Garness Mallory

Lisa Garness Mallory is a Colorado-based artist who has developed her own style of etched nature photography

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