by Martina Rooney

Observations of American Life photography exhibition at Plymouth Theatre Royal

by Martina Rooney

Observations of American Life, an exhibition of black and white photography opens at the Theatre Royal Plymouth on Monday, April 18 and runs until Sunday, July 24.

The exhibition is the work of Martina Rooney a photographer and lecturer in photography and contextual studies at Plymouth College of Art.

During the summers of 2009/10 Martina travelled on a road trip through the United States documenting aspects of contemporary American life.

Her work explores a variety of themes including Cultural Change, Patriotism, Religion and Economic Decline. Her images are an outsider’s perception of life in the USA.

Martina told ArtsCulture: “This was an amazing journey for me. Some of my pre-conceived impressions of the USA were completely turned on their head and the diversity of culture and people I encountered had a profound effect on me.”

Martina is currently in the latter stages of an MA in Photography and the Book at Plymouth Univeristy and hopes to have Observations of American Life published in book form in the coming year.

Her MA and the American project have been made possible in part through the support of the research committee at Plymouth College of Art.