Anne Noble: Spoolhenge

Spoolhenge, Anne Noble’s photographic exhibition of massive South Pole bobbins at Cube3, Plymouth

Anne Noble: Spoolhenge

Big wooden cable spools as tall as a person and artistically arranged in the tundra of the South Pole have been captured in photographs in the exhibition Spoolhenge, by pre-eminent New Zealand photographer Anne Noble.

The giant bobbins have been arranged by the workers in the South Pole: is it sticking the ‘v’s up at nature, reaffirming the makers’ place in the world, or is it installation art or a reflection of man’s impact and attempt to shape the landscape?

There aren’t many clues from Anne. She says: “For me photography is a means to present critically engaged observations and understandings of the world.”

Spoolhenge is part of a project that has taken her to Antarctic centres all over the world as well as to Antarctica itself, she creates bodies of images that explore the cultural construction of place and challenge the traditional representation of the Antarctic as heroic and picturesque.

• Spoolhenge is at Plymouth’s Cube3 gallery from Friday, May 20 to Friday, June 24