Nokia Lumia 920

Steady as you go. Video on Nokia Lumia 920 smartphone

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Photographers who are enthusiastic about such things have been jumping up and down with glee about the Nokia Lumia 920 – maybe that’s what gave the Finnish smartphone people the idea to team up with Red Bull freerunning champions to show off just how good the Nokia Lumia 920 is.

Ryan Doyle, a 28-year-old freerunning from Liverpool, and Will Sutton, a 21-year-old parkour athlete from the Isle of Man, strapped themselves into a couple of Nokia Lumia 920s (with the built-in image stabilisation on) and took to the London streets… or rather rooftops… racing each other to Shoreditch.

Take a look at the film and watch balletic and athletic ease with which Ryan and Will cut through the clutter of the city scape.

All of it was filmed on the smartphones. It’s worth repeating the bulb about the filming (because apparently some people were a little dubious): “Twelve Nokia Lumia 920s, each filming from a different perspective, were used to create the action-packed video.

“For the aerial shots one of the smartphones was strapped on to a radio controlled Cinestar Octocopter (keep an eye out for it in the video).

“The rest of the video was filmed using a combination of handheld, chest and head cam mounted phones – each shooting in 1080p HD.”

Nokia also boasts that the Lumia 920 also has the ‘best low-light performance in a smartphone to date’.

Other aspects to note from the Nokia/Red Bull challenge is that a traceur is the official title of a male parkour practitioner.

Take another look at the film, amaze at the movement and then consider the images. Click-through to find out more.



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