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Stories without Words, photography by Maureen Douglas-Green

The latest photography by Maureen Douglas-Green is on show in the Stories without Words exhibition at Harbour House.

“Each of the images in my exhibition is intended to inspire the viewer to create the stories that they feel would accompany any particular scene or form,” she says.

“It is an invitation to allow the imagination to run riot. Who was the person who left the basket by the door? What creature will emerge through the stems of a botanical panorama? What insect’s weight could be borne by such a delicate-looking flower? How long had it taken for the cobwebs to grow over the stained glass window? Who else has seen those things? What were they looking for when they noticed them?’

Over time Maureen has extended her range of papers, suiting the paper to the subject in a far more experienced manner. Continuing health problems have dictated that she replace her beloved Nikon D300 camera, ‘down-weighting’ to other Nikon models and “other aids that have helped to solve problems and should keep me going for a few more years yet!”

Maureen Douglas-Green Bon Ami.
Maureen Douglas-Green Bon Ami.

In the last two years Maureen has worked closely with Children’s Hospice South West, and some of the proceeds of sales from this exhibition will be donated to the charity. She has granted the Hospice full use of all images of butterflies and dragonflies for their own fundraising.

Maureen has significantly developed her work with botanical themes, and her images are used extensively by the estate of Coombe Trenchard near Okehampton. As an invited photographer at Fast Rabbit Farm near Dartmouth she is involved with finding innovative ways of recording the progress and development of the 43 acre site. The Garden House at Buckland Monachorum continues to use her work in publicity and in illustrated talks, and she has been invited to exhibit there in 2015, as well as at venues in Brittany.

Stories without Words features photography by Maureen Douglas-Green and opens at Harbour House in Kingsbridge on Tuesday,  September 16 and runs to Sunday, September 28. There will be an informal gallery talk with the artist at 11.30 am on Saturday 20 September. Admission is free – see the Harbour House website for details.