Top 10 tips for Christmas photographs

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Underwater image from the Sony website

The images of Christmas are ripe for capturing – the whole festive season is one long photo opportunity. We’ve got some tips to make your seasonal snaps shine like the star on top of a tree.

Take a look at the infographic for the top 10 Christmas photography tips.

A good eye for composition, and a ready finger to capture that memorable moment can really be enhanced by making sure you’ve got the right camera for the occasion – and the right camera for you.

Whether you’re treating yourself, or someone else, for the Christmas period, there’s plenty to choose from to reflect how you plan on taking your pictures and the kind of photographer you are.

Take a look at the Sony camera range, for example, to see the scope of products on offer, whether it’s the professional compact cameras for all those who want the control and finish of a pro; the high performance range; their compact and powerful cameras; or their slim and stylish Cyber-shot cameras.

If you pop over to the Sony camera site, you’ll be able to see a full run-down of the tech, as well as some inspiring short films of the cameras in action. In the meantime, here’s a quick summary.

The Sony Cyber-shots can go everywhere with you – even underwater. Slim, stylish and tough they ‘shrug off sand, dust and accidental drops’.

You can get great-looking photos and clear, stable Full HD video with compact Portable and Powerful Cyber-shot cameras.

Sony’s High Performance Cyber-shot range give you creative control and DSLR quality results.

And the Professional Compact cameras combine high performance contained within a handy pocket-size.

Check out just what these cameras can offer, find the right camera for you, and get your snapping finger poised with the tips from our infographic.


Top 10 tips to take beautiful Christmas photographs - Infographic

Courtesy of Sony

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