Visual communication through photography – Inviso at the Cube

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Inviso, showing photography can influence issues

CUBE is hosting Staffordshire University’s INVISO – a group exhibition showcasing work from final year photography students.

The exhibition will be the culmination of three years of study, presenting imagery from 27 graduates covering documentary, portraiture, fashion, landscape and art projects.

Various photographical methods have been explored with both contemporary and traditional images which demonstrate the utilisation black & white, colour, digital and traditional processes.

INVISO aims to demonstrate that visual communication through photographs can tell a story, describe or reveal things or even in some instances function as a form of therapy. The exhibitions hope to engage people with photography, to see that photography can influence issues that surround and affect them.

Following its Stoke-on-Trent outing, INVISO will be at the Cube from July 6 to 19.