Geese in a Market Crowd – Devon poetry winner

The short category winner of the 2008 Devon poetry award organised by the Plough Arts Centre, Torrington, was Geese in a Market Crowd by Christopher North

Not a honk, gabble or mutter
as the six thread through chaos.

The mountains seem to be liquefying
this damp and blustery morning,

the sky is hesitant and lacks confidence –
so the geese are a certainty in what is shapeless.

They waddle, chittering in concentration –
their foolish feet, their pert rears

an order in the hopeless tumble
of junk mathematics around them.

2nd – Fieldwork – Jane Williams
3rd – We will be happy – David King

Stay tuned for more winners from the competition.

• The People’s Republic of South Devon will soon be running a poem of the week, with a selection from the latest collection from the Moor Poets, Uncharted

One thought on “Geese in a Market Crowd – Devon poetry winner”

  1. Can I just correct the above please…

    The Plough Prize is an International Poetry competition. Within that there is a ‘sub-competition’ for the Best Devon Poem. Christopher North’s poem ‘Geese in a Market Crowd’ did win the Short Category of the main competition, but as he is not from Devon (I believe he resides in Spain) he would not be eligible for the Best Devon poem section of the competition (which in any event does not have a separate Short category).

    Hope that makes sense. View the Plough Prize website for full details :

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