File Photo: Prankur Chaturvedi performing at Of10, Powai.

“Saala Anti National Element” is my Answer to all the Trolls and their Guardians, says Prankur Chaturvedi

The video of a Poem titled  “Saala Anti-National Element”, which is written and recited by Prankur Chaturvedi has created a lot of buzz on social media and the Poet is really happy with the response.

The Lawyer turned Writer/Poet spoke to ArtsCulture about the Poetry Video and his upcoming projects.

Lee Morgan: How do you feel about the response?

Prankur Chaturvedi: It is an amazing feeling. Whenever your work gets appreciated you start believing more in yourself and your abilities.  Now, I am just sitting back and thanking everyone for liking the video.

Lee Morgan: How did you gather the courage to release it again?

Prankur Chaturvedi: I am a Leo, Need I say more (Laughs)

Honestly, we did not put it down because we were scared. We were just concerned about our close ones and that was an instant reaction. You know, I could not sleep for days after that incident. And one fine day, I realized I cannot let this happen. I cannot let the trolls win. “Saala Anti-National Element” is my answer to all the Trolls and their Guardians.

Lee Morgan: Do you think it has something to do with the current political state of the country?

Prankur Chaturvedi: Honestly, I feel Intolerance was their much before Independence, continued during the emergency and is still very much there. But yes I am concerned about how things are moving. Not really sure who is to be blamed but I expect my government to step up and take charge. We should find all possible ways to spread love and curtail hatred.

Lee Morgan:  What about “Hate Comments?” Did you count the number this time around?

Prankur Chaturvedi: Oh, “Countless” is the word. But it didn’t bother me this time around. I have developed an immune system for that now.

Lee Morgan: Tell us about your upcoming projects?

Prankur Chaturvedi: Definitely not a poetry video with a socio-political theme (Laughs). On a serious note, I have two, three projects in hand. I am writing songs for a friend’s music album, I want to complete my Novel as soon as I can and yes, will soon release my next Poetry Video.

Lee Morgan: Ok, so if not socio-political, what will be the theme of your next Poem?

Prankur Chaturvedi: I really wish to release a video of one of my romantic Poems. I am a romantic person and truly believe that there is nothing more special than Love.

Recently, someone told me that we humans are like Rivers. We make our own way by not losing focus on the end point. My goal or aim at the end of the day is to spread love and hope and will continue doing that in whichever form I can.

Lee Morgan: What’s your worst fear?

Prankur Chaturvedi: To lose my emotions, because if it happens, I will lose my Art too.

Here is the Poetry Video “Saala,Anti-National Element”


(image File Photo: Prankur Chaturvedi performing at Of10, Powai.)