Sculpture at Mythic Garden

Art in the Arboretum – annual Mythic Garden Sculpture Exhibition on Dartmoor

Sculpture at Mythic Garden

A woodland garden on the edge of Dartmoor is host to the annual Mythic Garden Sculpture Exhibition. Stone Lane Gardens near Chagford provides the setting for this year’s event, which opened this week.

The 18th summer exhibition displays work by artists new to the Mythic Garden among sculptures by artists who have been contributing over several years.

The resulting collection is full of variety and differing use of media. Stately stone carving and light-hearted scrap material occupy appropriate sites in the garden. Vengeful angels and serene ceramics are reflected in the pools.

Mirrored mullions image walkers in the shady pathways – dragons soar dramatically or decorate a folding screen. Shining steel creates changing patterns on sun-lit days and a stunningly elaborate wood carving amazes visitors by the front door of the farmhouse. Birds, domestic and wild are featured in metal – ceramic masks portray tree spirits – steel and wire are used with delicacy to represent feathers, leaf forms, seed heads and grasses.

Meanwhile, the garden and trees provide shifting and sparkling light and a spirit of discovery among their shadows.

Stone Lane Gardens is open from 2-6pm, seven days a week throughout the year. The Mythic Garden Sculpture Exhibition runs until Sunday, October 3. Admission £4.50 adults £2.50 children/students.

For more information see the website the Stone Lane Gardens site or telephone 01647 231311