Devon ‘swimmer-artists’ create sculpture for Rebecca Adlington Swimming Centre

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Two Devon-based ‘swimmer-artists’ have created a body cast of a female swimmer to be placed on the outside of the newly redeveloped Rebecca Adlington Swimming Centre in Mansfield, Nottinghashire.

The Devon artists, Kari Furre and Amanda Bluglass, are both keen swimmers and beat competition from 17 other artists to win the commission. They say their passion won them the commission.

Amanda Bluglass told Arts+Culture: “We absolutely love being in the water, and we want the work to reflect the beauty and strength of the swimmer’s body. Rebecca’s success has made swimming very current and we hope our sculpture will help keep that momentum going. We want people to visit the building and be really enthused and fired up by the power of the artwork on the outside.”

The sculpture is a massive 4.5m long and had to be put on a special sledge to be moved during the height of the country’s recent snowfall. Delicately hidden within the main piece is a ‘visual puzzle’ – the body of a female swimmer making her way across the wall. The artists worked with a fellow swimmer to cast her body, capturing authentic musculature and movement.

The sculpture is made of fibreglass resin. Once completed and mounted on the outside of the pool it will glitter with gold mica flecks. At night it will be also be illuminated from within by blue LED lights.



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