Helen Snell at Broomhill

Helen Snell finalist of 2012 Broomhill National Sculpture Prize

Helen Snell at Broomhill
One of Helen Snell's plinths at Broomhill

Good buddy of ArtsCulture, Helen Snell has made it into the last 10 finalists of the Broomhill 2012 National Sculpture Prize.

Her work at the North Devon sculpture park is Plinth 1, 2, 3 for all those who fancy voting on the Devon-based artist, who systematically subverts seemingly identical pieces.

“This series continues my preoccupation with the theme of survival,” she says.

“Our relationship with the natural world is one of pleasure tainted with guilt, anxiety, impending punishment and a collective sense of hubris. The figures in Plinth are the load bearers. The load is a nebulous, dirty organic mass, difficult to quantify or determine.”

The other finalists are Ian Stoney, Graham Guy-Robinson, Robert Hitzeman, Mary George, Richard Cresswell, Michael Branthwaite, Ann Balmforth, Edward Baldwin, and Oliver Adams.

Pop along to the Broomhill 2012 National Sculpture Prize page and vote.