David Nash's Black Sphere at Dartington

Tree Culture in Devon at Dartington and CCANW with sculptor David Nash

David Nash's Black Sphere at Dartington

A free exhibition of beautiful new sculpture and drawings by one of Britain’s foremost sculptors in wood comes to Devon.

A year-long Tree Culture programme, which celebrates the value and beauty of trees with events, activities and free exhibitions is at Haldon Forest Park near Exeter.

The Centre for Contemporary Art and the Natural World is about to launch its busy new programme on Good Friday, 22nd April, with an exhibition of drawings and sculptures in wood by internationally acclaimed artist David Nash, who will be attending the launch in person.

Dartington Hall near Totnes with the showing of David Nash’s film Wooden Boulder accompanied by a live commentary by the artist (the screening is free but phone Dartington’s box office to reserve tickets on 01803 847070).

Dartington is hosting David Nash’s sculpture Black Sphere until Friday, September 16. The setting provides a fitting backdrop for this internationally acclaimed artist who has developed an eloquent understanding of trees, working with their traits to create sculpture, installation projects and related drawings.

Black Sphere has been constructed using charred oak wood to create a dynamic black surface.
Creator David Nash summarised the essence of his work as “creating pieces, always in wood, shaping living trees or carving ones that have died naturally or been felled for other purposes.”

His large wood sculptures are sometimes partially burned to produce blackening and David primarily draws upon the use of his chainsaw, axe and blowtorch. Some pieces are purposely planned as ‘growing’ works to change organically over time – others as ‘disappearing’ works that will erode and decay.

There’s also a David Nash of the exhibition at CCANW’s Project Space in Haldon Forest Park.

CCANW’s 5th anniversary programme coincides with the United Nations International Year of Forests, which aims ‘to raise awareness on sustainable management, conservation and sustainable development of all types of forests’.

(image: The sculpture at Dartington. The credit for both is © Carey Marks www.scarlet-design.co.uk)