Honda and the art of documentaries

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Documentaries are in the midst of something of a renaissance – something that hasn’t passed Honda by. The company is again supporting documentaries on Channel 4, and is making its own mini-documentaries about Honda users around the country.

The mini-documentaries will feature around the programmes on Channel 4 in the form of idents, and the full mini-doc can be seen on the Honda website.

Produced by Hollie Newton of Wieden + Kennedy, there will be four in total, with the last being chosen from the input of Honda customers, who engage with the process and upload their images, stories and maybe even their own films about how they use their Honda products.

The first ident has been released with Cutting Edge documentary, Bums, Boobs and Botox on Channel 4, and is a beautifully short and revealing insight into a pioneer alpaca breeder in Oxfordshire. Philippa has been farming alpacas, which are renowned for their rich fleece, since 1994.

Just 90 seconds long, the stylish mini-film paints a picture of the relationship between Philippa and her alpacas, and is a wonderful example of documentary making.

The next film to be released will focus on night-fishing.

Honda owners with stories to tell are being encouraged to upload their stories with the chance of getting a professional mini-documentary made about them and their use of their Honda.

Already sharing their stories are a farmer who uses a Honda-power scanner to see if his sheep are pregnant, and an outrider for British cycling, who ensures the roads are clear for the jersey and sports-cloths-clad bicyclists.

Watch the eye-opening and informative documentary about alpaca farming in Oxfordshire on the Honda site. Find out more about and add your own stories there, too.







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