Reward your curiosity with Undiscovered Treasures from Tiger Beer and Empire

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Institute for Eyes

There’s always a chance that a little bit of culture has passed you by, that if you were just that little bit more curious you might have been rewarded with a gem. Tiger Beer and Empire have joined forces for Undiscovered Treasures, a series of films that are fantastic but might have escaped you on release.

It’s all part of Tiger Beer’s Known The Not Know campaign, which has been supporting the creative and the curious with a number of collaborations.

For Undiscovered Treasures, each film is shown at a special screening at London’s Soho Hotel, and there will be exclusive access to talent from the great pool of directors and actors involved.

The first screening on the June 28 shows The Escapist, originally released in 2008, a prison break-out thriller that sees the magnificent Brian Cox lead a cast of misfits in an escape which goes from intensely physical to an almost Twilight Zone-angle.

There are only 100 lucky people will be able to get their hands on tickets and be part. Also as part of Tiger Beer’s partnership with Empire, there’s a new creative film featuring directing duo Luke Seomore and Joseph Bull who make up the independent film company Institute For Eyes.

Institute For Eyes are part of four specially selected talents found with the help of Dazed and Confused, who will attempt to harness the passion surrounding music, art, design and film.

To find out what films are coming up, pop over to Empire, and to keep track of Tiger Beer’s Know The Unknown campaign, reward your curiousity and visit their Facebook page.

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