Blablacar concept

Student travel that saves money and the environment with BlablaCar

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Blablacar concept

We are loving the new way for students to travel with BlablaCar: it saves money, saves the environment and keeps you social. In short, it opens up a new generation of creative travelling.

And if you want to see the world, go on student journeys with friends as well as pop home from your university town for the weekend, just imagine where just £20 could take you.

Think car-sharing par excellence. And because the service is aimed at students, cost and convenience (plus that whole environmentally conscious thing) is high on the BlablaCar priority list.

Basically, BlablaCar connects drivers with people looking for a ride (and the other way round). And to share the cost, drivers ‘rent’ their car seats on trips they are already making.

Here’s a short video on how the service works:

It’s absolutely free to use, and more than 100 universities have signed up so far, creating their own Campus page, making it easier to find fellow travellers.

Nicolas Brusson, co-founder of BlablaCar, said: “Campus is for savvy socials so they can make new friends and save money.

“Whether it’s a journey home to see family, a weekend visiting friends at other universities, or a road trip to Cornwall, Blackpool or even Paris, BlablaCar takes the hassle out of students looking for a cheaper ride.”

Plus as well as helping the environment, and cutting down your travelling expenses as part of the Campus launch BlablaCar is offering a prize of £3,000 for the university club that is the most active on BlablaCar. All you need to do is email

We had a quick look at the BlablaCar car pool map and found a journey in our South West stomping ground that was right up our street – Plymouth to Gloucester; but we were also quite taken with the London to Paris journey at just 40 euros – and BlablaCar means you don’t have to travel alone.

Check out BlablaCar for yourself and save money, save the environment and start enjoying your travel!

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