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Swap your stuff for the chance of stories of a lifetime from New Zealand

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Go to New Zealand

Fancy an all-expenses-paid trip of a lifetime to New Zealand? All you have to do is offer up some of your stuff. Tourism New Zealand is giving you a chance to make your life simpler in exchange for stories of a lifetime in New Zealand.

Tourism New Zealand has started to offer a whole series of events giving people the chance to experience this fantastic country, just by giving up some stuff. It’s a very ‘now’ concept, and ideal for those wanting a simpler lifestyle – and some cracking stories – for the 21st century.

To start with, for December and January, you can scoot away from the greyness of winter to enjoy summer on the other side of the world with the Summer Rhythm or Beaches and Boats experiences.

Be one of the first people to see the sun in 2012 at the Summer Rhythm & Vines three-day music festival in Gisborn, for what The Guardian has called one of the best New Year celebrations in the world. It’s the culmination of a two-week long road-trip along the East Coast of New Zealand.

The Beaches and Boats trip gives you two weeks exploring New Zealand’s North Island’s Bay of Islands – New Zealand’s hottest summer destination. You’ll be able spend two weeks swimming with dolphins, diving in one of Jacques Cousteau’s top ten diving sites in the world, sliding down giant sand dunes or chilling out on the beaches crystal waters.

It sounds like the height of luxury, and to enjoy it, all you have to do is simplify your life, and offer to swap some of your stuff in exchange for these life-changing experiences.

Choose which experience you’d like to enjoy and make a one-minute movie about what you’d be willing to trade to get it. Upload it for people to vote on and the top 10 with the most votes make it into the final for the New Zealand tourism people to vote on.

Find out what New Zealand has to offer, and scoot over to the Stories Beat Stuff site and have a go – what have you got to lose? No really, what? And you’ve got a heck of a lot to gain. Of course, you should trade your own stuff, but this guy has a different idea.

Meanwhile, pop over the New Zealand Facebook site to find out more about the amazing country, and remember this is the first opportunity of many to experience the joys of the other side of the world. Check out others as they launch on the Facebook site.

We’ve taken some time to work out what we’d trade – and the stuff for stories got us thinking. What about using stories as stuff to trade for stories… but you’ll have to check out www.storiesbeatstuff.com. Skip over now and vote for our entry! (In the interest of fairness we have to point out you can vote for other films… or even submit your own.)

The competition closes on November 31 and is open to all people 18+ all over the world, so get your grey matter buzzing. And remember to tell your chums. If you don’t have anything to trade, maybe they do… and they might even take you with them.

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